Importing the calendar in webmail access (Outlook Web App)

This guide describes how to transfer the exported calendar to your new Exchange account via Outlook Web App. The appointments are only entered with the status with reservation. To get the appointments displayed completely, we recommend to import them via Outlook.

  • The Webmail access of the Exchange system (Outlook Web App) in an Internet browser can be accessed at the following site:
  • To sign in to Outlook Web App, enter your TUC user and TUC password, and then click Sign In.

  • In the next step, click on the tile (1.) at the top left and afterwards on calendar (2.).

  • In your calendar, click on Add calendar (1.) and then on From file (2.).

  • Navigate to the path with the corresponding calendar file that you have previously exported from CommuniGatePro. Select the file (1.) and confirm with Open (2.)

  • Select the desired calendar (1.) in which the appointments are to be added. Then click on Save (2.).

  • All appointments from your exported calendar will be displayed.

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