[EN] VPN - Virtual Private Network

The Service

To access the university network and the ressources of the TU Claustal securely (encrypted) from the outside, please use the Virtual Private Network (VPN)-service.

Current manuals

Important notes

  • Please connect to the VPN only if you are outside of the TU Clausthal university network (WIFI/Eduroam/network of an institute).
  • The VPN only functions as ,,Full-Tunnel„-mode. After starting the VPN connection, all data traffic is routed through the VPN infrastructure of Clausthal University of Technology. This means that your other private data is also sent via the TU Clausthal servers.

The application case

Some IT-ressources of the TU Clausthal (like network shares/campus-software, license-servere, catalogs/directories of the universitys library, etc.) are only availabe in the TU Clausthal intranet for various reasons. To use these ressources outside the TU network (like from home, at the private appartment, at meetings and congresses in other facilities, etc.) you´ll need the VPN.

To connect to our VPN-server authenticate with your TUC-User and your TUC-Password as a part of the TU and from then on your computer is considered - though physically not being a port of the university network - as a part of the university network.

No VPN is necessary if you ...

  • … are already in the TU Clausthal network (LAN or WIFI),
  • … work in the PC-Pools of TU Clausthal,
  • … want to send e-mails via the mail servers of TU Clausthal.
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