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The page describes how to connect to the print-server of the datacenter and how to install a printer of the print-server on your computer.

If you would like to access the print-server of the datacenter from outside the TUC network, please set up a VPN connection first. If you have not installed the VPN client yet, this manual will help you.


  • Press [Windows-Button] + [R].
  • Type \\ into the input box and click „Ok“.

  • You will be asked for your TUC-Account. Please type your username like this „tu-clausthal\TUC-User“. Use your normal TUC-Password for the password field.

  • You will now see a lot of printers. To install a printer on your PC (in this case: rz-helpdesk-mfp-color-a3) double-click on the desired printer or choose Connect … in the menu, that you get with a right-click on the desired printer.

  • Your computer will now initiate the connection to the printer. The printer-driver will be installed automatically on your computer. If your computer asks you to trust the printer, confirm it.

  • Now the printer rz-helpdesk-mfp-color-a3 is in the printer-list of your computer. You can find it here „Control Panel –> Hardware and Sound –> Devices and Printers“.

Choose the printer

  • You can select the printer from now on in any software on your computer for printing.

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